How to Change Your Investment Election to the Unitized Trust

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We have added a set of unitized trust portfolios designed and managed by us which can be used by participants of Marotta retirement plans. To read about the benefits of the unitized trusts over our previous model portfolios, read “Marotta Retirement Plans Add Managed Unitized Trust Options.”

We are now in the process of implementing this enhancement throughout our existing retirement plan clients. Once they are set up on your employers plan, you can switch your investment election online through these simple steps.

Step 1: Login to RiversEdge, our current retirement plan record keeper.

Step 2: In the “My Services” drop down menu, select “Update Investment Elections.” Updating your investment elections changes where new contributions will be invested. If you also want to change where existing assets are invested, you can repeat this process a second time but select “Realign Account Balances” instead.


Step 3: Select for which account you would like to change the election. For me, I was changing my asset allocation for my whole plan or “ALL SOURCES.”

Step 4: Set your new allocation. The first eight investments that are titled “MAROTTA X% STOCK PORTFOLIO” are the unitized trusts. For me, I used to be 100% in model portfolio A (the 100% stock one), so I want to switch to 100% in the “Marotta 100% Stock Portfolio” by typing 100% in the appropriate “New %” column.

Step 5: Click the submit button at the bottom.

This will take you to a confirmation page. Your request is now pending. After it takes effect, all future contributions will be allocated according to this new selection.

To change where your current assets are allocated, you can repeat an almost identical process, but under the “Realign Account Balances” page.

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