Why Can’t Our Social Security System Be More Chilean?
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Both economists and reasonable citizens understand that reforming our Social Security system is inevitable.

Wealth Inequality in America, Part 3
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Even the negative or inconsequential effects of welfare often fail to convinced some people that a new system of assistance is necessary.

Wealth Inequality in America, Part 2
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Blaming the 85% with 100% of the wealth for the poverty of the remaining 15% is unreasonable. The two are unrelated.

Republican Genius: Budgeting One Item At A Time
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The partisan deadlock offers us a novel opportunity to reach consensus.

Radio: Is a Government Shutdown Better Than No Government Restraint?
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Why is the business of government seen as passing spending bills? Why isn’t the job of our representatives to work toward government restraint?

Laura Donohue’s Comments at Cato Institution’s NSA Law Panel
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“The telephony, the bulk collection of America’s telephony metadata is contrary to the entire intent of Congress in enacting the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. It violates the statutory provisions of FISA. And it is unconstitutional.”

Hitting The Debt Ceiling Is Still Not The End Of The World
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Spending, Debt and Deficit as a percentage of GDP continue to grow unchecked. What political process will ever stop them from bankrupting our country?

Wealth Inequality In America
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The video “Wealth Inequality in America” is not only misleading, but the research methods of its underlying study are laughable.

Stupid Decisions Made During Government Shutdown
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The government continued to pay for their website hosting and the domain name licensing but hid all of the data from Internet users.

Ban On Domestic Propaganda Overturned
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Let’s spend $1.25 *billion* to enlist acceptance of Obamacare by young people.

Propaganda Blitz Scheduled for October 1
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Requiring employers to deliver government propaganda is genius.

Continuing QE Helps Housing; But For How Long?
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When the Federal Reserve decided to maintain the $85 Billion monthly stimulus at their September policy meeting, they cited elevated mortgage rates as a top concern.

Why People Like Tony Stark But Hate Real-Life CEOs
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Obnoxious, playboy Tony Stark, more commonly known as Iron Man, is admired by his fictional and real fans alike. Why not real life CEOs?

Wealth Inequality In America Series
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This series of blog posts were intended to be a more reasoned reply to a complex issue.

Safety Second
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Fun first. Freedom first. Innovation first. Financial goals first. But not safety. No one says, “That looks safe; I wonder if it is fun.”

Do Investors Deserve to Make Money?
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When I work my 9 to 5 job and earn a paycheck, I receive a paper certificate I can trade in for the real reward of my labor. But why do investors get a reward?

Natural Rights: Is the Only Moral Code Legal Entitlement?
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A recent letter from a reader expressed the claim that there is no such thing as natural rights. Could he be right?

Is There A Biological Basis For Human Rights?
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An unprovoked attack is always wrong everywhere, but can a law professor and attorney-at-law prove the biological basis for their field?

What’s The Big Deal About Privacy?
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NPR writer Alva Noë says privacy is unimportant, but from the very start of his argument Noë is confused about what privacy is.

Is Libertarianism Incompatible with the Fact that Humans Are Social Animals?
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Here is one way not to argue against Libertarianism.

Is Obamacare Responsible for a Jobless Recovery?
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Three part time employees equals two full time employees while avoiding $4,000 in annual fines.

Do We Have a Right to Health Care?
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The Affordable Care Act encourages everyone to get health care insurance by punishing those who don’t. Proponents of Obamacare justify this saying that health care is a human right. But is it?

Detroit’s Bankruptcy Doesn’t “Just Happen”
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Corporations go bankrupt for a wide variety of reasons, but there’s only one reason for municipalities.

The Right to Privacy of Correspondence Is Inviolate
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We need to protect more of our natural rights by enumerating them.

Your Data Betrays You
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Thanks to the public record, pieces of otherwise random information can be used to precisely identify an individual. Find out what some of the most common data leaks are in your life.

PRISM Would Have Jailed Thomas Jefferson Long Before 1773
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If there isn’t a strong enough outcry, these practices will become institutionalized.

Support for The Right to Privacy of Correspondence
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Many people have asked what can be done. Here is a proposal.

Edward Snowden’s Motivations, In His Own Words
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“If they were in my position, and, you know, you live a privileged life—you’re living in Hawaii, in Paradise, and making a ton of money—what would it take to make you leave everything behind?”

Radio: The Right to Privacy of Correspondence
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David John Marotta and Megan Russell were interviewed on radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show discussing privacy and proposing an amendment on the right to privacy of correspondence.

The Truth About Big Government
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Governments and individuals have different interests.

Government Is Your Oyster
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“I would rather be an oyster than a county regulator, the most stupid and senseless of animals.”

The Confederate Constitution: What Your Elementary School Didn’t Teach You
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Some of the Confederate edits to the Constitution would have helped prevent a lot of the federal mischief we’ve experienced.

Jefferson Davis Posthumously Responds to Our Readers’ Reactions
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We were surprised by some of the reactions to our recent article on protective tariffs as one of the primary causes of the Civil War.

The Economics of Outsourcing
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For every job outsourced to Bangalore…

Protective Tariffs: The Primary Cause of the Civil War
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Many Americans do not fully understand the causes of the Civil War.

What Our Founding Fathers Got Wrong
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It’s hard to believe they would both protest a tariff-created monopoly at the Boston Tea Party and then create one at the first congress.

Right to Privacy of Correspondence of Other Countries
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The constitutions of many other countries guarantee and protect the privacy of correspondence. The United States does not.

If You Have Nothing to Hide, Then You Have Nothing to Fear
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The faceless government agencies aren’t really faceless at all; they are populated by the very same types of potential criminals and nogoodniks that we would avoid sharing our personal information with on the street.

Big Mac Index Shows Official CPI Underreports Inflation
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The lack of an adequate CPI adjustments leave seniors 71 days shy of a year’s worth of lovin’ it. Seniors deserve a break today!

Government Officials Should Not Be Allowed to Plead the Fifth
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Without public accountability, people are rightly suspicious that even the legitimate operations of government are corrupt.

Radio: Is Federal Student Aid Working?
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Most people do not trace the effect of the unintended consequences of government programs. Even good things come with a price, and you always have to decide: is that price worth paying?

This Is What An Early Industrial Revolution Looks Like
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Bangladesh is “still a desperately poor country, and we shouldn’t minimize what a job with a steady paycheck means to a poor woman.”

Marketplace Fairness Act Burdens Businesses with State Compliance Audits
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Compliance isn’t just a technical burden. It is a threat of legal liability. The bill allows state tax audits by any state against any online vendor.

Businesses Must Use Revised I-9 Forms Or Face $1,100 civil monetary penalties per employee
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And yet we wonder why small businesses disregard so many government regulations.

Government Regulations And Compliance Do Not Make Us Safer
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The coercive power of government is more dangerous than the free market. Special interests use it to circumvent both the law and economics.

Marketplace Fairness Act Adds Automation to Tax Confusion
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It is not a new tax. It is simply a tax that nearly everyone currently reading this column is successfully evading without prosecution.

Do Tariffs Protect an Infant Industry?
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Do infant industries need tariffs to protect them from their own inefficiency and stupidity?

Is There A Moral Case for “Buy American”?
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Perhaps we would be economically better off with global trade, but do we have an obligation to maintain a higher moral standard?

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