Brain Trust: 100 Ivy League Business & Entrepreneurship Courses You Can Take for Free

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Browsing online I recently stumbled upon is the leading online resource for MBA programs and top online business schools. We provide the most thorough information on MBA subjects, specialty MBAs and business school rankings to help you make the most informed decision when it’s time to choose a reputable school and program.

They have a nice resource entitled, “Brain Trust: 100 Ivy League Business & Entrepreneurship Courses You Can Take for Free” which lists exactly that, a hundred free courses that can give you some of the business school content for free either to see if you would benefit from getting an MBA or just to get the benefit from the course itself.

They have courses in each of the following categories:

  1. Accounting and Finance (14 courses)
  2. Economics (9 courses)
  3. Communication (10 courses)
  4. Management (18 courses)
  5. Leadership (12 courses)
  6. Marketing and Advertising (10 courses)
  7. Product Development and Launch (6 courses)
  8. Technology (11 courses)
  9. Law (5 courses)
  10. Field Specific (5 courses)

As they say on their site:

Earning an MBA, gives you the chance to expand your career opportunities, make more money and enhance your business skills in two to three years. The opportunities are endless with an MBA, especially when earned online. Web-based MBA programs have become increasingly popular among working professionals, who are balancing work, school and other life obligations.

Life-long learning is always a good idea!

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