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Marley’s Ghost Was Haunted by Regret
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Misers may sleep well tonight, but they won’t eat well in 20 years.

Video: Retirement Wisdom – Plan Ahead
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Most families have not planned for their retirement. They may save toward their retirement, but without a plan their saving is random and haphazard. Retirement decisions today can only be made in the context of accurate math projections that span … Read More

Best Christmas Presents
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You are guarding against deadweight loss when the recipient can exchange the gift or return it for cash.

Video: Squirrel Away Money While You Can
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In 1985, an MIT professor won the Nobel Prize for a simple technique that squirrels have known intuitively from birth — you have to “squirrel” away some nuts during times of plenty so you can survive during times of scarcity.

Fourteen Tax Management Techniques
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No one approaches financial planning with the goal of paying more taxes. Tax management, like all financial planning, is based on the premise that small changes made over time can achieve big goals.

Video: Health Savings Accounts May Save You Money
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Employers and employees alike are feeling the squeeze of swelling health care costs.

Mindless Spending 2: You’ll Get By with a Little Help from Your Friends
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Both mindless eating and mindless spending rely on our subconscious need to follow scripts to pace our consumption. Community plays a huge role in regulating our financial destiny–either a path of savings that builds real wealth or a path of spending that leads to impoverishment.

Radio: Five Profitable Investment Trends
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David Marotta discusses what makes certain investments look attractive.

Mindless Spending 1: Frequency Matters More Than Height
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We all think we can’t be fooled by something as obvious as the the difference between height and width. But our brains are wired that way, without exception.

Women Have Unique Financial Needs
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Retirement planning is even more crucial for women than for men.

Portfolio Recommendation Beats S&P 500 By 9.4%
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Timing the markets this past year was nearly impossible.

Credit Card Karate: The Moves to Block Spending
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Just remove the decimal place. The $8.50 lunch you charge will cost you $850 in your retirement.

Using a Credit Card Properly
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Your time is worth more than sifting through the ashes of advertising looking for valuables.

Video: Small Business Owners Benefit Most from Tax Planning
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Small business owners enjoy more flexibility when it comes to tax maneuvering. That’s why tax planning is especially important for small businesses. Whether your business employs one employee or one hundred employees, last-minute tax moves can save you money, if you act before the end of the year.

Make Sure Your Credit Card Has Smart Features
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Themed rewards tend to be toward the low end and cash rewards are apt to be higher. Get the cash.

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