September 19, 2017

Marotta’s 2017 Schwab Gone-Fishing Portfolio Calculator

Marotta's 2017 Schwab No-Transaction Fee Gone-Fishing Portfolio Calculator

A gone-fishing portfolio has a limited number of investments with a balanced asset allocation that should do well with dampened volatility. Its primary appeal is simplicity. But a secondary virtue is that it avoids the worst mistakes of the financial services industry. This portfolio uses all Schwab no-transaction fee exchange traded funds. You can read more about the fund selection in our article on “Marotta’s 2017 Gone-Fishing Portfolios.”

Photo used here under Flickr Creative Commons.

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About David John Marotta

David John Marotta+ is the Founder and President of Marotta Wealth Management, Inc. He played for the State Department chess team at age 11, graduated from Stanford, taught Computer and Information Science, and still loves math and strategy games. Favorite number: e (2.7182818...)

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