Where to Get a Second Opinion on Your Insurance Policy
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If you ask, the broker will gladly tell you how much of that type they’d recommend getting, but not whether you need it in the first place.

A Guide to HSA Qualified Medical Expenses, Contributions, and Family Plans with Adult Children
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More and more family plans are actually composed of many different independent people in the eyes of the government.

My Family’s Year Without Health Insurance (2018)
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My husband chopped his leg with a hatchet in 2018 when we didn’t have health insurance.

The Cheapest Way to Get a Family HSA (2018)
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A few often overlooked facts reveals large annual savings on your health insurance premiums in acquiring a family HSA.

Why Do People Hate Immediate Annuities?
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If you are one of those consumers for whom the word “annuity” is enough to make them tune out a sales presentation, congratulations! You have have probably correctly understood the real challenges these products face.

Spam Solicitation from Albemarle Insurance Agency
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Albemarle Insurance Agency’s hiring solicitation shows the difference between insurance salesmen and fee-only fiduciary advisors.

Radio: Charlottesville 2018 Health Insurance
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“When Congress acts, whatever it is called it will do the exact opposite. So the Affordable Care Act will make plans not affordable.”

Obamacare in the Upcoming Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
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We’ve been waiting to see what our congressmen and women are going to decide for our 2018 tax law. As we’ve already entered the holiday season and can see the new year in sight, they are certainly cutting it close. … Read More

How to Apply for a Health Insurance Exemption
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Coverage is considered unaffordable if the lowest cost Bronze-level plan available to you through the Marketplace in 2017 is more than 8.16% of your household income.

Should I Cut Back My Hours to Get an Obamacare Subsidy?
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It’s hard to know… but I bet I’m not the only one looking at my compensation differently.

Should I switch to a Health Care Sharing Ministry?
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Some think the alternative to the traditional insurance providers is the health care sharing ministries, but they aren’t insurance.

When Partial-Year HSA Contribution Limits Don’t Apply
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Under the “last-month rule,” you can contribute the full amount even after a partial year assuming you meet the “testing period.”

Qualified HSA Funding Distribution
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There is an obscure tax rule that allows a one-time Traditional IRA-to-HSA conversion called a Qualified HSA Funding Distribution (QHFD).

Nine Unfortunate Facts of Health Savings Accounts
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An HSA is one of many accounts used in comprehensive wealth management for tax optimization and planning.

How Much Umbrella Insurance Do I Need?
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Umbrella insurance covers you for liability that goes above and beyond your auto and homeowners insurance.

Do New Healthcare Plans Cost More?
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Last year plans were being cancelled. This year, citizens are receiving notifications of rate hikes in the double digits. Is this really happening?

Cryptic Medical Bills And Health Insurance
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Next time you receive an unintelligible medical bill, remember how hard it is for your doctor to get paid.

How To Bilk Obamacare
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Learn how a family of four can qualify for a full subsidy with an income of $140,000 a year.

Does Buy Term and Invest the Difference Still Work?
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Imagine these two strategies competing in a track race. It’s as if one runner were told to wait until the other finished her first lap before beginning.

How much life insurance does a parent need? ($ ?s)
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Some suggest using ten times your take home salary as a rough rule of thumb when determining life insurance. Like all such rules, this rough guide is found lacking in many situations.

$ ?s: Maintaining Health Insurance After Losing Your Job
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Review your health insurance options after losing your job – COBRA and High Deductible Health Plans.

Obama Care is costing Americans $384 Billion more each year
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The “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (PPACA), is misleadingly named. It has neither protected patients nor made healthcare more affordable.

Video: The Dangers of Immediate Fixed Annuities
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The returns offered by immediate fixed annuities aren’t as good as they sound. The sleight of hand in this case is the immediate loss of 100% of your principal. They are fixed for you to lose and the insurance company to win.

Umbrella Insurance Could Be the Right Answer
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If you have a personal umbrella insurance policy, congratulations. If you don’t, you must not have a lot to lose. This important insurance can extend your liability coverage beyond your home and auto insurance by millions of dollars.

ObamaCare Is the Worst Legislation in 75 Years
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Everyone in our risk pool will order filet mignon. First the costs will skyrocket. And then the meat will be rotten.

The Case Against Centralized Health Care
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You may have to jail a few rebels for health insurance evasion.

A Compromise to Achieve Universal Coverage
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We need a safety net, not a hammock.

More Profitable Health Care Is the Solution
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Some doctors start the year $250,000 in debt.

Avoiding a Civil War over Health Care
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Half of the country are political Vikings who pay their taxes by raiding and pillaging the productive.

Long-Term Care Insurance Is Too Risky And Too Expensive
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Some types of insurance are a good idea. But LTCI is better handled by preparing early in life.

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