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Q&A: Do we need contingent beneficiaries if we have wills?
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The short answer is absolutely yes you do. Here’s why.

The Complete Guide to Beautiful, Frugal Gift Wrap
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It requires intentionality and creativity to avoid the hidden budget busters of gift wrap.

3 Hidden Roth Conversion Opportunities
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Even the most Roth-loving individuals may have hidden Traditional assets that they do not know they can convert to Roth. Here are just a few places to look.

Revisiting 2008 When The Markets Were Dropping
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Ten years after our original article we review how sage the advice was.

Do Stock Buy Backs Bring Real Value?
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Stock buyback programs are a method of returning profits to shareholders without causing a taxable event.

Every Three Years, Say No to Advertisers
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We have a limited amount of willpower. It is a waste to have to expend it to ignore advertising.

When to Get Your Money Out of Your 401(k), Especially Plan Owners
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Even though you would likely benefit from contributing to your 401(k), you might not benefit from keeping your assets there — even if you are the owner.

Inherited Required Minimum Distributions: Your Custodian May Mislead You
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For Inherited IRAs, all the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) rules are complicated. There is no easy case.

What Is The Average Holding Period For A Stock?
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The average holding period for a stock is not simply the inverse of liquidity.

What Is Shareholder Primacy?
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Since only a small portion of stock is traded each day, a large majority of shareholders prioritize the long term appreciation of the value of the company.

An Analysis of Investment Newsletters Reveals That Many Lie
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Run, do not walk, away from outrageous claims.

Gift Ideas for Minimalists
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Even though tangible things that take up space tend to be bad gifts, there are many items that a minimalist can really appreciate receiving.

Abolish The TSA
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If the TSA were abolished, that would not mean that airports would be any less secure.

What Is The 30-Day Election Period For Retirement Plan Rollovers?
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The regulation is an attempt to protect participants who don’t understand the rules set up by the government.

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