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Choosing Between Your Employee Retirement Account Options
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Putting all of your retirement eggs in one basket is easy to carry, but risky. Fund your employer’s plan with no more than is necessary to get the match and then fund your Roth IRA and build your taxable savings.

An Artistic Opportunity to Meet with Marotta
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As a dedicated reader of our blog, we would love to get to meet you this Monday, October 9, 2017.

Our New 2017 Website
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We are excited to debut our new website today!

What You Need to Know to Inherit an Inherited IRA
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Although you can have second generation beneficiaries, the first non-spouse designated beneficiary is the last one to receive a new RMD divisor calculation.

Volker’s Bear: The Bear Market of 1982
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Bear markets are often a precipitous decline followed by a slower and steadier recovery. Volker’s Bear is rare in that a slow and steady decline was followed by a sharp precipitous recovery.

Equifax Compromised Your Identity; Lock Down Your Credit.
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The result of this data breach is that anyone with this information will be able to pretend to be you and apply for credit in your name at any time in the future. There is only one way to guard yourself against this possibility: Lock down your credit.

How To Enroll in Equifax’s Free Credit Monitoring
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None of these services makes up for the fact that your sensitive information has been accessed. And after this breach you should assume that every scam artist has all of your information.

Equifax Compromised Your Credit Cards
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Equifax admitted recently that hackers gained access to the sensitive identify and financial information in their database for 143 million people (44% of the U.S. population).

Financial Peace University in Charlottesville
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The Dave Ramsey website has a list of upcoming classes in the Charlottesville area with start dates varying from September 13 through October 11.

The Business of Being an Artist
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Financial planning is simply doing what it takes to give you the means to do what you want. The poorer you are the more you need financial planning. You don’t have any margin for mistakes.

Financial Media Group Sells SEC Required Compliance Emails To Spammers
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One of the problems with government reporting regulations is that personal information is made widely available for abuse.

How Safe is Your Money Market?
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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) changed the rules and required all financial institutions to move pricing their money market from a stable $1.00 price per shares to a floating net asset value.

Gold’s Role In A Portfolio
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Gold advocates will often go to great lengths to tout the advantages of owning gold.

Investing Mistake: Paying Too Much In Investment Vehicle Fees
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There can be great value in the sage advice of a fee-only fiduciary advisor. Even if they brought no value for their investment management, they could still bring great value for their help in comprehensive wealth management. While a competent … Read More

How to Get Started with Retirement Planning
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Most of the assets you use to fund your retirement will come from compounded growth.

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