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The Lost Case for SALT: State and Local Tax Deduction
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In “The state and local tax deduction, explained” by Dylan Matthews at VOX, he does not mention the reason the state and local tax deduction was created when listing the pros and cons.

Beware the Two-Pocket Theory of Money
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If you budget well according to your values, a one-pocket theory of money enriches your life, prioritizing your financial dreams above your impulses.

What Is The Sharpe Ratio?
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At best, the Sharpe Ratio is a single hard coded straight-line preference curve, and the portfolio with the highest Sharpe Ratio is not necessarily the one which will give you the best chance of meeting your goals.

What Is A “Risk-Free” Guaranteed Investment Return?
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There is no such thing as a risk-free, guaranteed investment. Everything has risks.

#TBT What Is The Alternative To An Annuity?
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It is always a good time to be reminded that an immediate fixed annuity is not an investment; it is an insurance product. This 2015 article by David John Marotta is a methodical unraveling of annuities and a description of the far superior alternatives.

Did Obamacare Impoverish Employee’s Retirement Benefits?
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Employers are paying more in benefits, but with the increase in health care costs there is less for retirement contributions.

Understanding the 5-Year Holding Period, Roth Conversions, and Exceptions
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To avoid the 10% penalty, do I have to satisfy the 5-year holding period for my Roth conversions if I’m over age 59 1/2? The IRS is not very clear when it comes to when you need to pay penalties on Roth IRA withdrawals, but I think I know the answer.

#TBT It is Time to “Scrap the Tax Code”
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Our first article posted online is a wonder to behold. This 1998 beauty is written by George Marotta, founder of Marotta Money Management. In the article, he reminds us that, “Anyone of us could design a better system, but 500 congress people cannot resist the pressure groups who want to twist the code to benefit their particular constituencies.” Decades old, this post still rings true today.

TD Ameritrade Eliminated Low Cost Commission Free Exchange Traded Funds
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TD Ameritrade has received a large number of complaints. But apparently not enough to change their decision. If you have a TD Ameritrade account perhaps your call will help them change their minds.

Marotta’s 2018 TD Ameritrade Gone-Fishing Portfolio Calculator
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This portfolio uses all TD Ameritrade no-transaction fee exchange-traded funds.

Talking Politics With Clients
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InvestmentNews advocates lying to clients, but I think if your advisor doesn’t have integrity, you can stop there and find a new advisor.

Radio: Getting Your Finances in Order
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David John Marotta was interviewed on Radio 1070’s Schilling Show discussing getting your finances in order.

The Route from Wealth to Well-being
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We don’t write a lot about how to spend money, but an international study published this year claims to have found the route from wealth to well-being through spending money.

Navigating Your Employer Retirement Plan Fund Choices
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Since your employer’s plan usually has the most limited number of choices, pick the best it has to offer that fits with in your over all plan.

Choosing Between Your Employee Retirement Account Options
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Putting all of your retirement eggs in one basket is easy to carry, but risky. Fund your employer’s plan with no more than is necessary to get the match and then fund your Roth IRA and build your taxable savings.

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