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How to Use Schwab Bill Pay
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Many of us are anxious about paying our bills on time, but using payment aids like Schwab Bill Pay can help alleviate some of that anxiety.

The Complete Guide to Homeschooling Laws in Virginia
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I must say that homeschooling was by far my best education experience.

#TBT How to Keep Your Identity Safe Online
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This 2015 article has five rules for safely handling your digital security which you can’t afford not to implement.

When Should I Worry About Performance?
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Some performance is cause for concern. Other times, you need not worry. Here are 5 times you should not worry and 4 cases when you should.

How QCDs May Help Your Virginia State Taxes
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“If you claimed the standard deduction on your federal income tax return, you must also claim the standard deduction on your Virginia return.”

Observations on “The FIRE Movement”
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The FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement is a suggestion that you should have the goal of achieving financial independence and retiring while you are young.

#TBT Slow and Steady Wins the Race
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In 2003, David stopped to rescue a snapping turtle from 250 West. Now, in 2019, the financial planning lessons from that turtle are still sage advice.

The Power of Compounding
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It is hard to prioritize saving, but it pays off. Here is how.

No One Tells the IRS You Did a QCD Except You
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Be sure to remember to tell your tax preparer that you did a QCD.

Avoid Advisors Paid for Cross-Selling
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Cross-Selling is when a financial institution incentivizes their employees to sell or recommend financial products and services that increase the financial institution’s profits. The practice is as commonplace as it is fraught with conflicts of interest.

#TBT How to Pay Off Student Loans While Building Wealth
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With many of us saddled in student loan debt well into our late thirties, our retirement cannot wait for us to be debt free. This 2016 rewrite of a 2007 article teaches you how to get started with savings while repaying your loans.

Q&A: How Much Attention Should Fees Get?
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“Has the focus on expense ratios caused the public to lose focus of more critical financial measures, such as performance?” Actually, expense ratios and 12b-1 fees should get even more attention than they are getting. Here’s why.

Older than 59? Get your Roth out of your 401(k) now!
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Anyone who has to take RMDs from their employer sponsored retirement plan, sadly, has to take RMDs from all components of the plan, even Roth deferrals!

Q&A: How Do I Calculate My RMD from a Complicated 401(k)-to-IRA Rollover?
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Among the most complicated and frustrating IRA rules are required minimum distributions (RMDs). This case is a classic example.

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