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#TBT Florence Mortlock
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This 2006 article shares the personal story of David Marotta’s maternal grandmother who lived to age 99 1/2.

Language Matters: Best Interest vs. Suitability-Plus
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Another free pass for the agents of brokers-dealers to dissembling under the guise of “Regulation Best Interest.”

Guide to Registered Investment Advisors in Charlottesville 2018
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We were surprised by our survey of the registered firms in the Charlottesville area.

Video: Tuning Out The Noise
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It is important to remaining disciplined during volatile markets.

#TBT Socially Responsible Investing
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“Better is having a financial advisor who gets to know you personally and manages your finances according to your specific values.”

Requirements for 529 Accounts (Qualified Tuition Programs)
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According to Internal Revenue Code, in order for an account to be a 529 account, the custodian must meet six requirements.

One Day In The Life Of A Small Business Owner
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This letter came with a large bold “YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW” notice along with a 5 week deadline for compliance.

Radio: Why Regulation Does More Harm than Good
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It is commonplace for special interest groups to use lobbyists to gain control of their own industry’s regulation. This failure where interests group seizes control of a governmental power is called “regulatory capture.”

#TBT Which is Better: Bad Market Timing or Not Investing?
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This 2014 post reminds us that perhaps we should be more afraid of cash and inflation than stocks and investing.

What Is A “Point In Time” Fiduciary?
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You should not trust a point in time fiduciary for even a single heart beat.

Should I Invest in Bitcoin?
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It might continue to boom. It might continue to bust.

There Are No Deals “Too Good To Pass Up”
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There is no such thing as saving money buying something. You can go broke “saving money” this way.

The Value Matters in Stock Investing
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“Think of a stock as a machine that generates cash every few months.” Smaller companies that you have never heard of usually have a better return than the better known larger companies.

Black Monday Bear: The Bear Market of 1987
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This Bear market has one of the largest single day losses.

Centralized Planning Requires Omniscience
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The burden of mandatory government data collection should be opposed whenever possible.

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