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How Do You Value a Gift of Stock for Taxes?
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How do you determine the value of your gift of stock? The IRS doesn’t like you to use rough estimates on your tax forms; they prefer a black and white number.

#TBT Everyone needs some frivolous purchases
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Everyone needs some fun in their life, and sometimes fun costs a little money. This 2004 article shares six guidelines for dealing with purchases that might be considered frivolous.

Long-Term Effects of AGI-Lowering Strategies
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However, in 2018, the heatlh insurance rates are extraordinarily high, especially in Charlottesville. Taking one year off from your valuable tax planning strategies to get free or low-cost health insurance might be worth it.

Should I Cut Back My Hours to Get an Obamacare Subsidy?
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It’s hard to know… but I bet I’m not the only one looking at my compensation differently.

Should I switch to a Health Care Sharing Ministry?
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Some think the alternative to the traditional insurance providers is the health care sharing ministries, but they aren’t insurance.

#TBT The Economics of a Thanksgiving Turkey
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This 2014 article changed the way we enjoy our Thanksgiving turkeys. Turkeys have always been an interesting study for economics. Because of the consistency of their demand in America, the price of a Thanksgiving turkey can be used as an indicator of inflation. Because of federal subsidies, the diet of factory-farmed turkeys is very limited. This article should give you something fun to discuss this year.

Marital Harmony with a Few “His” and “Her” Budgets
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Each spouse has different spending habits and values different things in life. This can easily lead to bitterness, or at the least, long discussions when the budget is reconciled.

Radio: Equifax Breach and Financial Peace
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David John Marotta was interviewed on Radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show discussing the Equifax breach and Financial Peace University.

How To Double Your Money As Quickly As Possible
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When the client asked my mother, “What is the quickest way to double my money?” she did not hesitate before she answered.

#TBT How to Double Your Retirement
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Doubling your retirement is not a fast process. It is the slow and steady practices of daily financial diligence. This 2004 article remind us, “Every six years you delay saving and investing you cut in half the lifestyle you will have in retirement.”

Revisiting “10 Funds Without a Single Losing Year in a Decade”
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In retrospect, Financial-Planning’s slide show was another bit of distraction from the real work of building brilliant portfolios for long term investing.

What Advantages Do Exchange-Traded Funds (EFTs) Have Over Mutual Funds?
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Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have at least a dozen significant benefits over mutual funds and only a few disadvantages.

#TBT The History of Mutual Funds
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93 years ago there was only one mutual fund. Today, there are thousands. This 2003 article tells the story of how this staple of the financial services world got its start.

The Lost Case for SALT: State and Local Tax Deduction
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In “The state and local tax deduction, explained” by Dylan Matthews at VOX, he does not mention the reason the state and local tax deduction was created when listing the pros and cons.

Beware the Two-Pocket Theory of Money
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If you budget well according to your values, a one-pocket theory of money enriches your life, prioritizing your financial dreams above your impulses.

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