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Marotta’s 2019 TD Ameritrade Gone-Fishing Portfolio Calculator
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We recommend this gone fishing portfolio for accounts hosted at TD Ameritrade.

If You Are Tempted to Stay Out of the Markets, Read This First
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Gil Weinriech, Senior Editor for Seeking Alpha, wrote recently about investors whose personalities tempt them to stay on the sidelines of investing at times.

Crazy Rich Asians Series: Peik Lin on Understanding The Spending of the Wealthy
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Peik Lin is a person who sees the recipients of her family’s spending the same way as people.

In Response to the Government Shutdown, NPR Says “Regulate Me!”
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Although the NPR commentators suggest that the corporate heart is growing fonder of government, feeling wistful, and longing for government bureaucracy, nothing could be further from the truth.

Radio: The Market Crash of 2008
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Market corrections are so common as to be largely ignored by long term investors.

A Guide to HSA Qualified Medical Expenses, Contributions, and Family Plans with Adult Children
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More and more family plans are actually composed of many different independent people in the eyes of the government.

Schwab’s New Personal Value Chart Promotes the Worst Investing Habits
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Schwab’s presentation is designed to show a real time accounting of your portfolio’s value. It is not designed to report on your portfolio’s performance.

Radio: Seven Financial Resolutions for the 2019 New Year
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On Tuesday, January 8, 2019, David John Marotta appeared on Radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show to discuss financial resolutions for the 2019 new year.

Cost of Credit Card Debt Calculator
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Regardless of your assumptions about future market returns, the impoverishment to families with credit card debt is massive.

A Quick Strategy for Analyzing Whether You Should Rent or Sell
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There are two ways to run the analysis. One is quick and can be done on the back of a napkin. The other is more detailed, best done in a spreadsheet. In this part one, we will explain the quick math.

Crazy Rich Asians Series: What We Can Learn From The Millionaire Lifestyle of Astrid Leong
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Astrid Leong is simultaneously one of the wealthiest characters and, even though she has a massively large standard of living, one of the thriftiest.

Financial Planning for the Young and Non-Affluent
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“We have simply not been able to serve those who really need us the most.”

What We Can Learn From the Almost Bear Market of 2018
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To make the strategy of jumping in and out of the markets successful would require a precision only achieved by luck.

Do Dividend Paying Stocks Make Better Investments?
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For all of these reasons, our recommended investment strategy does not focus on dividend-paying stocks.

Q&A: What Happens if an Inherited IRA Fails to Get Inherited?
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There is a tangled web of rules and options. For any given family situation and set of desires, there is a best answer when it comes to meeting your wishes, minimizing the tax owed, and optimizing your estate plan.

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