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Our Articles

Why We Need to Fix the Social Security Program Now
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We are living too long and we don’t have as many children as we used to.

Choose the Appropriate Investment Vehicle – Part 1
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A good investment advisor will tailor the investments to the specific characteristics of the investor’s situation.

Letter to the Wall Street Journal 12/3/2004
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Our children and grandchildren deserve better!

Will Iraq Be Another Vietnam for the US?
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The media is making the job more dangerous.

Using S&P 500 Index Funds Contains Hidden Risks
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If the S&P were a financial advisor it would say, “Let’s buy mostly large cap growth stocks in the industry that did well last year with a high price per earnings ratio.”

The Benefits Of Canadian Drugs Are A Pack Of Lies
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If Canada paid their fair share for pharmaceuticals prices would fall.

Estate Planning For A Family Business Balances Three Roles
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Only 34% of family businesses successfully pass to the second generation and only 13% make it to the third generation.

Twenty Stock Market Tips
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If you have a large portfolio, hire a professional manager.

The Growing Federal Deficit is Bush’s Fault
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In the corporate world, mismanagement can only be covered up so long. In time, those responsible are held accountable. Companies fold. Executives are taken away in handcuffs. Only in the federal government can poorly manage bad ideas and still plead they are underfunded.

Taxes Matter 5 – The Economics And Mindset Of The Rich
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Encourage the rich to be rich or else suffer the consequences of striving toward making us all equally destitute.

Taxes Matter 4 – Private Charity vs. Government Entitlement Programs
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Voting for government entitlement programs is like being generous with your neighbor’s credit card.

Op Ed: High Oil Prices are Good
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Let the free market work its magic. Markets are brilliant in their ability to determine the optimal value and use of limited resources.

Taxes Matter 3 – Taxes Reduce The Opportunities For Economy Efficiencies
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If a Democrat proposed a flat tax, they would take away the Republican’s major platform and be easily elected.

Taxes Matter 2 – The Democratic Party Has Changed
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We would be wiser and stronger to take the advice of Thomas Jefferson, the second Governor of Virginia who said, “A wise and frugal Government, shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.”

Taxes Matter 1 – The Laffer Curve
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Many people wish to prevent the rich from earning more money, even if that results in smaller tax revenues and a less productive economy.

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