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For Valentine’s Day, Work on a Budget Together
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Couples who have worked together on a budget already agree on the big picture. Once they make the hard decisions about what will help further the family’s values, specific purchases in each category are much less critical.

2010 Non-U.S. Stock Lessons Learned
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All developed countries are not equally attractive places to invest. The United States has entered the ring of fire and expected to underperform in future years as a result.

2010 U.S. Stock and Bond Lessons Learned
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One method to divide the U.S. stock market is by sector of the economy. Overemphasize those sectors left free to innovate and compete on the global market.

Video: Comprehensive Wealth Management: Life Planning, Part 1
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Life Planning is an important part of the wealth management process. It’s not enough to have money; you need to know what the money is for.

A New Opportunity: Donating to Charity from Your IRA
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The law allows taxpayers age 70 1/2 or older to donate up to $100,000 from their IRA directly to a charity. The amount of the charitable contribution is excluded from taxable income.

Compute Your Net Worth Once a Year – 2011
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Computing your net worth annually is like taking a sextant reading to chart your course toward financial security. Net worth gives you a snapshot of how much money would be left if you converted everything you owned into cash and paid off all your debts.

Seven Financial Resolutions for the New Year – 2011
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Financial resolutions usually don’t even last until the end of January. Making a permanent change in our behavior requires both time and a steely resolve. We can only develop financial character one action at a time. Here are seven practices to take you from pauper to prince or princess if you add one each year.

The Poorhouses of “A Christmas Carol”
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“It is not enough to seize power or to change wherein society power lies. With power must come an inner sense of connection to others.”

The Two Portly Gentlemen Are Entrepreneurial Philanthropists
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The two men see opportunities and the risk excites them. Even soliciting funds for the poor is an integral part of their entrepreneurial spirit.

You Deserve a Fiduciary Standard of Care
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Most investors are not aware of a critical division of professionals in the world of financial services. This distinction lies between fee-only fiduciaries who are free to act in your best interests and commission-based agents and brokers who are required to act in the best interest of the companies that employ them.

Coping with College Expenses
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Students are graduating with larger debt loads than they were 10 years ago. Public four-year college borrowers graduate with an average of $19,800 in debt; their nonprofit private college counterparts graduate owing $26,100.

When Donating a Dollar Only Costs Five Cents
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More than 200 charities have been designated Neighborhood Assistance Programs (NAPs).

Umbrella Insurance Could Be the Right Answer
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If you have a personal umbrella insurance policy, congratulations. If you don’t, you must not have a lot to lose. This important insurance can extend your liability coverage beyond your home and auto insurance by millions of dollars.

Should I Buy Land Preservation Tax Credits?
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Virginia land preservation tax credits are a savvy way for you to save up to 25% on your state tax bill.

Assessing Your Finances At Age 50
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For many people 50 is a milestone that reminds us to stop and reevaluate. There is still time for a whole new life of significance.

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