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The Growing Federal Deficit is Bush’s Fault
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In the corporate world, mismanagement can only be covered up so long. In time, those responsible are held accountable. Companies fold. Executives are taken away in handcuffs. Only in the federal government can poorly manage bad ideas and still plead they are underfunded.

Gas Prices Part 2: Remove Taxes and Price Controls on Gasoline
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At least 40% of the federal gasoline taxes are wasted on non-highway items of dubious general welfare. And 2.86 cents of the revenue is used to subsidize mass transit unused by all but a few large cities.
As an additional inequity, Virginia is a donor state. That means that Virginia, like most southern states, sends the government more in gasoline taxes than it receives in federal pork. We don’t even get to waste our own money! Most of the pork is sent to the Northeast and to states with more influential senators.

Gas Prices Part 1: High Gasoline Prices Are The Best Energy Policy
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If market forces drive up the price of gasoline, any efforts to reduce it aside from supply and demand punishes the exercise of economic freedom and personal responsibility. If you find the moral argument of freedom unconvincing, free markets can still win the pragmatic debate.

How to Live on 24 Hours a Day
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Don’t put off the things that truly matter to you until you have more time. You will never have any more time than what you are given each day.

Maintain Financial Balance When in Business
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Running a small business requires financial balance. Here are ten rules.

The High Cost of Medical Benefits
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Here is a rule for building stable economic systems: Who pays for a service and who is empowered to decide if a service should be given and who actually benefits from the service should all be the same person.

Everyone needs some frivolous purchases
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When you make a frivolous purchase, tell your spouse that you made it. If you can’t tell your spouse about the purchase, it isn’t worth the trouble. Above all, learn to work together in marriage. Being wealthy requires a husband and wife to both be frugal.

Wealth is what you save, not what you spend
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The real lifestyles of the rich in Charlottesville would get very low television ratings.

Social Security Can Be Saved
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We can have our benefits and lower taxes if we are willing to admit that socializing retirement benefits was a mistake and we return to trusting once again, the in power of free markets.

Financial Resolutions for the New Year – 2004
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Keeping a budget works like a diet. Some diets require you to write down everything you eat and count calories, shares, ranking, or other food units. It makes eating more painful, causing you to eat less.

Holiday Joy Doesn’t Cost A Fortune
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One of my favorite Christmas movies is the version of “A Christmas Carol” starring George C. Scott as Ebenezer Scrooge. I confess that I understand Scrooge’s character.

Don’t Eat Yourself Out of Financial Security
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Great financial wealth can be built by living a beer and chips lifestyle on a champagne and caviar budget!

California’s Recall Is A Warning To Us All
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Despite your political persuasion, Governor Gray Davis shows how even the golden goose can be cooked. His mistakes rightly deserve the ridicule he has received.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race
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You can learn a lot about financial management from snapping turtles.

Financial Planning Beyond Your Wedding Day
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In addition to registering for a blender and picking floral arrangements, make sure that your marriage has the financial accounts and monetary habits necessary to meet your shared financial goals.

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